The sense of scandal and indignation that this case of an Italian webmonster inspires has encouraged us to open to the participation of all Italians that work with the web, with multimedia and with the new technologies, applying a work ethic based on honesty, seriousness, competence and passion, and who feel offended and filled with indignation by the criminal waste, by the stupidity and by the ignorance of a class of political leaders that invest forty-five million euro in a site which is barely presentable and below all decent levels of professional standards.

Any contribution in the way of constructive and professional criticism of the contents and structure of, or regarding the activities related to the site and its development, are welcome and will be published.
To participate, email your proposal to, together with your first name last name nickname and links to be added to the credits of the blog.
Afterword to the English version: The English, German and Chinese sections of have not been analyzed in depth by ti.ailati.www yet, although it has already been noted that, at least in the English section, a not insignificant number of glaring errors is present (beginning with the spelling of Deputy Prime Minister Francesco Rutelli’s own name in the internal press release of the site launch: wps/portal/en/kcxml/ 04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_QjzKLN4r3sgDJgFhuvvqRaCI -cBFfj_zcVP0gfW_9AP2C3NCIckdHRQBKwDuK/ delta/base64xml/ L0lDU0lKQ1RPN29na21BISEvb0VvUUFBSVFnakZJQUFRaENFSV FqR0VBLzRKRmlDbzBlaDFpY29uUVZHaGQtc0lRIS83XzJfMU9CL zQ!?PC_7_2_1OB_WCM_CONTEXT= /wps/wcm/connect/ Tourism+Portal/homepage/ Plan+your+Trip/ EN+News/&country=NotDef – and yes that’s really the URL for the English news page, except for the spaces). We are working on the analysis of this aspect too, since we are convinced that the English version of an international tourism portal probably will become important someday in the not too distant future, when Italian is no longer considered the “lingua franca” of tourists worldwide.

We are interested in hearing the opinion of web professionals (and potential tourists) from outside Italy as well. If you have observations or opinions about the new portal, please feel free to write us at:

Ciao, e buona navigazione!


2 comments so far

  1. Walter Scheringer on

    The funny thing is … Tiscover, the company that is responsible for this mess, is now going to be sold to HRS. Nothing much will remain of good old Tiscover, because HRS is running a very different (and much leaner) business model … not much of a relieve, but then again …

  2. kaeli on

    love the site. we are currently working on the David vs Goliath project, a 2.0 bottom up, please take a look at (aly) and let me know your thoughts…
    thanks, kaeli

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