Update: June 2009

It took them more than two years, but they did it: they managed to come up with another design for the “Italian National Brand” that seems more ridiculous than the pickle. For your entertainment: Magic Italy!

magic Italy

Some have called it “a Photoshop sampler” but I think it reminds me of a 1980s TV logo when everyone was just learning the power of computer graphics. Okay, maybe the early 90s to be generous.

Back to the old stuff:

Here you can find some of the images published around Internet thusfar about the Italian scandal. Some of them are funny, others terribly truthful. We’ll try to keep this page updated, but you can also check on the Italian side of this site which usually gets updated first.

italia, il paese dei pokémon

Italy, the country of Pokémon

banana aghost

Banana Republic


Be a pepper

Italia logo (modified) by Angeljoke


by Von Glitschka (via

da SanBaldo

L'Italia lascia il segno

Italy leaves its mark

Italia, click Italia gnam!

Provocazione sul logo

No it my name!

Fuck IT Fuck it! I’no It 2

Beffa sul logo

The new logo which will jump-start
Italian tourism was presented at Palazzo Chigi

IT di Stephen King

Ragazze, venite a scoprire l’italia!

Hey gals, come discover Italy

Donne in ltalia, la bellezza non va dal chirurgo

Italian women:
true beauty doesn’t require plastic surgery, alla faccia del Viagra

Italy! Who needs viagra?


Cosa ti viene in mente pensando all’Italia?

When you think of Italy, what comes to mind?


Italy leaves its mark
Logitech is grateful


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