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The end, or a new chance to screw things up worse?


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These are the last signals of (non)life of, recorded by the site monitor already mentioned (Thanks Bruno!).

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Letter to Romano Prodi, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers answers: checking of the correct working of the Public Administration is no concern of its citizenry

After the letter to Prodi, Rutelli and Nicolais signed by over 1500 citizens, many of whom design, web and multimedia professionals, in which a request was advanced for transparency in the public documents related to the Protal, here, finally, a sign of life from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Today, from the email address we received the following PDF attachment with the answer:

Response to the Letter to Romano Prodi – DOWNLOAD PDF (in Italian)

It is comprised of two documents.

(read the rest in Italian)

History of an Ialian Scandal #3

WARNING: this is an open post, a post in progress. Any additional information provided by the readers and any correction provided by the mentioned companies is welcome and will be included.
Previous episodes: Storia di uno scandalo italiano #1: gli albori, Storia di uno scandalo italiano #2: bandi, appalti, leggi e prenotazioni

In the last episode we were in July 2005: Innovazione Italia Spa – the company controlled by the government to whom was committed the management of 20 million euro for the development of the platform – wins the competitive bidding promoted by itself some months before.
We remind our redears that the bidding included, besides other stuff, the realisation of a booking online platform in ASP (in other words, a national centralised system for tourism reservations) and it also stated that the global platform should have been online after three months (october 2005).

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Breaking news: parliamentary inquiry into the accessibility of

Today witnessed had the usual appointment on Raidue (around h.16.00) with Question Time in the Italian house of parliament [n.b. they use the English term “Question Time”, even in Italian], during which government officials answer parliamentary questions.

The honorable(s) Palmieri and Campa of Forza Italia (Go Italy!), coauthors of the Legge Stanca (L.9/04) accessibility law, asked “fretfully” if it were true, as can be read on blogs and in newspapers, that the tourism portal doesn’t comply with the previously mentioned law, thus resulting as being “inaccessibile“, particularly in consideration of access by disabled persons.

For the government, the Minister for Relations with the Parliament  Vannino Chiti (DS – Democrats of the Left) answered. Continue reading a PICO supplements it ………… for €35m.

Today we’ll talk about PICO, the Lisbon strategy, and how all of this led us to discover, through a curious and unexpacted path, new mysteries 😉 about the our webmonster and/or portal

The premise is brief:

Lisbon Strategy: meeting in March 2000 in Lisbon, the heads of state and of the governments of the European Union decided to make Europe “the most competative and dynamic conscience based economy of the world” by 2010.
Then the Chinese and Indians found out and good night to the whole deal 🙂
Since then, the different measures implemented to meet these goals have taken an the moniker the “Lisbon Strategy”.

PICO (as in Pico della Mirandola): acronym for “Piano per l’Innovazione, la Crescita e l’Occupazione” (Plan for Innovation, Growth and Employment), is the program of measures and actions that the Italian State intends to adopt in order to improve the economic and social conditions and to encourage growth and employment.

Interesting, isn’t it? WOW!

(partial translation of the Italian original)

AAA Tourists wanted

Do you consider yourself a world traveller?
Do you check out your every travel destination thoroughly on the web BEFORE buying your tickets?

What do YOU think of the website?

We think that the Italian National Tourism Portal was made with YOU in mind as the potential target, and we’d like to get your impressions. (we already know what we think about it)
Please feel free to leave a comment, or if you have a literary bent, send us your proposal for an article to post on this site.

Buon viaggio, e buona navigazione!

AAA Cercasi traduttori

The Italian Scandal is receiving a tremendous amount of participation (in Italian), with guest authors writing articles left and right. So we could use your help to keep up and be able to spread the word outside the borders of Italy (where the a good portion of the target audience of a tourism portal can probably be found…).

Contact if you have good english writing skills, perhaps a good understanding of Italian, and would like to help out.


“Il trionfo degli inetti.”[1] La Stampa interviews Falavolti, CEO of Innovazione Italia: we only spent a million

The triumph of the inept

[1] i|nèt|to [plural: inetti]
aggettivo [adjective]
1. (inadatto) unfit, unsuited
2. (incompetente) incompetent, incapable
3. (buono a nulla) inept, good-for-nothing

II. sostantivo maschile [noun]( f. -a )
incompetent, good-for-nothing.

On La today fresh news: Anna Masera interviews Roberto Falavolti, amministratore delegato (CEO) of Innovazione Italia Spa (Gruppo Sviluppo Italia), the state company commissioned to manage the €20mil. to develop and implement the technology platform for

The interview focused on the sole subject of money, and the answers seem unbelievable.

Summarizing, Falavolti says basically that:

Of the €25mil. destined for regional and national content creation: not on eurocent has been spent yet.

Of the €20mil. for the technology platform, editorial material, translations, etc.:

– €9,6mil. to IBM/ITS/Tiscover for the development of the technology platform: they’ve done their work, but still haven’t received a cent because there has been a dispute. Or to hear him: “Because during the project’s development a dispute arose, last year, at the same time as the change in government / minister. We weren’t satisfied, the transition came about but we had to completely revise the work plan”.

– €9mil. are left to spend.

– “roughly” €1mil. (how easy to be rough with other people’s money!) was spent so far on the bidding, the feasability study (author’s note: rotfl) and the work done so far.

– €400.000 are unaccounted for: who nows, maybe those are the “roughly”.

(omissis – partial translation of the Italian)

Luca Carlucci legal repercussions in terms of accessibility and the Stanca Law in terms of accessibility: here is a clear and detailed analysis by Lorenzo Spallino (in Italian).


After a long gestation,, the Italian National Turism Portal is taking its first steps. Complaints shower from all sides claiming a violation of the conditions guaranteeing access to information technologies by people subject to disablities, as set down in the Italian law of January 4, 2004 and the descendent legislation. In order to better understand what the legal ramifications are of the inaccessibility of the portal, this article offers a contribution in methodology, helpful also to understand how Italian legislation actually does (or doesn’t) work in terms of acessibility of information technologies.

(partial translation of the Italian)

Millions: more than 45. And they might have been 90

I fondi originariamente previsti come fabbisogno del progetto “Scegli Italia” non erano 45 milioni di euro, ma esattamente il doppio: 90. In più ci sono almeno altri 9 milioni di euro spendibili.
Con un po’ di attenzione e pazienza lo si scopre facilmente.

It’s not just €45 Million, there are at least another 9 available to spend + eventual co-financing of the Regional projects (+10% on 21).

But they could have been €90 million .

The original budget deemed necessary for the “Choose Italy” project wasn’t €45 million, but double that: 90. Plus another 9 million available to spend.
With a little patience, the how is easily discovered.

(partial translation of the Italian)