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Italia.IT rises from the ashes

As of h.15 circa of 16 July there is a new Italia.IT, emotionally impactful and linguistically lavish. At least that is what they are promising it will become by the time it reaches its full potential in October of this year.

Here’s hoping…


The end, or a new chance to screw things up worse?


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These are the last signals of (non)life of, recorded by the site monitor already mentioned (Thanks Bruno!).

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“Access Denied” to the documentation of a defeat for the Stanca IT Accessibility Law?


by Lorenzo Spallino –

The formal appeal of Scandaloitaliano requesting that the documentation regarding the bidding and contracts for the portal be made available has been denied by the Commission for Access to Public Documents of the president of the Council of Ministers.

The reasoning applied by the Commission lays a grievous limitation on any possible objective analysis of the level of compliance of the Stanca law on accessibility of Information Technologies [first of which, web technologies; NdT], since it hinders any way of checking the conformity to article 4, which penalizes by nullifying the contracts which do not foresee compliance to the twenty-two technical requirements.

Read the rest (sorry, in Italian)

The Government Speaks (funnynglish)

The Government Has Sent Down Word Of Its Answer

Yeah, well kinda.

It is curious, the choice of one particular English word they use…

… il Ministro Nicolais e il Vice Presidente Rutelli hanno deciso di procedere nel progetto, incentrato su una reale collaborazione con le Regioni e su un’ attività di promozione del sistema turistico italiano, che vedrà successivamente ampliate le aree dell’incoming e dell’informazione diretta.

Now is it just me, or does the word “IIINCOOOOMING!” in this case ring of war movies, where our heroes are being bombarded by shells left and right, and after a brief respite which is supposed to induce thoughts of the end of this attack and the resumption of the daily drag of military life in war, we hear the whistle of another, one last shell, which in Hollywood always mean that the nicest and most honest of the remaining soldiers is about to buy the big weekend pass in the sky…

I personally wonder what they are trying to say here.

Oh, and how long does it take the “Ministro per le Riforme e le Innovazioni nella Pubblica Amministrazione” to get off their “Sito temporaneo” and stand on their own two feet, and move onto something that they can rightfully claim their own, and for which they are willing to take responsibility? Mah?


at least this time it hasn’t taken as long for others to notice:
Quando la montagna partorisce un topolino (in Italian) – Michele Cassone, il Governo rispond (in Italian) – Punto Informatico Brief synthesis

Originally posted (in Italian) March 22

For the benefit of the “newbies”, a brief synthesis of the whole story:

On March 16, 2004 the then government, presided by Silvio Berlusconi, within the “Fund for financing of strategic projects in the IT sector”, passes the “Choose Italy” project.
The project proposes to relaunch the Italian tourism industry in the world and as a central issue of this action it requires the realization of a web portal on the Internet: Please note that tourism in our Country is a fundamental business and that it contributes for about 12% to our GDP.
The actual total cost of this operation is still a mystery: what is certain, though, is how on the whole, through several legislative measures, 45 + 9 million euros (more than 100.000 million old liras) have been in time set apart for this use.

The operational management of the project is delegated to a public company that answers to the Presidency of the Council, Innovazione Italia (Sviluppo Italia Group) that proclaims a European tender with a restricted procedure.
On 4th July 2005 the bidding is won by a temporary consortium of companies comprising IBM, ITS and Tiscover for 7.850.000 euros + VAT (about 18.000 million old liras).
Within three months the web portal should be on-line and offer a national booking platform and a first series of contents.

Further measures of the then Minister of Innovation and Technologies Lucio Stanca establish the management of the project involving, in various roles, ministers and Regions.

On 11th April 2006 the government changes (Prodi), but the web portal is still not on-line; the jurisdiction over tourism matters goes to Vice President and Minister Francesco Rutelli, the one over technological innovation to Minister Luigi Nicolais. Some changes in the management of the project take place and explicit authority is given in order to make the portal and the new logo iT presentable for the 22nd February 2007 BIT (Italian Tourism Exchange).

On 22nd February the web portal is put on-line and it causes a sensational wave of criticism and complaints from the whole web world: the reasons are different and, let’s say it, all well-grounded and undisputable.
Minister Rutelli asks for a further year’s time “to improve” and involve at last and effectively the Regions, which, according to our Constitution, have full competence in the tourism issue.

It’s a shame that in July 2007 the contract expires and the web portal is what it is. “the project has so far required about 6 million euros for its proof of concept project and its first online version, but 35 million euros are still available, partly destined to the Regions for the implementation of regional portals and for the organisation of the central and external editorial teams, partly destined to the activities of completion, promotion and commercialisation of the contents.”

This way we’ve been pilloried for a month in the eyes of the public!

It’s a total folly, a webmonster, an unacceptable waste of public money that just cries out for vengeance.

History of an Ialian Scandal #3

WARNING: this is an open post, a post in progress. Any additional information provided by the readers and any correction provided by the mentioned companies is welcome and will be included.
Previous episodes: Storia di uno scandalo italiano #1: gli albori, Storia di uno scandalo italiano #2: bandi, appalti, leggi e prenotazioni

In the last episode we were in July 2005: Innovazione Italia Spa – the company controlled by the government to whom was committed the management of 20 million euro for the development of the platform – wins the competitive bidding promoted by itself some months before.
We remind our redears that the bidding included, besides other stuff, the realisation of a booking online platform in ASP (in other words, a national centralised system for tourism reservations) and it also stated that the global platform should have been online after three months (october 2005).

Continue reading a PICO supplements it ………… for €35m.

Today we’ll talk about PICO, the Lisbon strategy, and how all of this led us to discover, through a curious and unexpacted path, new mysteries 😉 about the our webmonster and/or portal

The premise is brief:

Lisbon Strategy: meeting in March 2000 in Lisbon, the heads of state and of the governments of the European Union decided to make Europe “the most competative and dynamic conscience based economy of the world” by 2010.
Then the Chinese and Indians found out and good night to the whole deal 🙂
Since then, the different measures implemented to meet these goals have taken an the moniker the “Lisbon Strategy”.

PICO (as in Pico della Mirandola): acronym for “Piano per l’Innovazione, la Crescita e l’Occupazione” (Plan for Innovation, Growth and Employment), is the program of measures and actions that the Italian State intends to adopt in order to improve the economic and social conditions and to encourage growth and employment.

Interesting, isn’t it? WOW!

(partial translation of the Italian original)

History of an Italian Scandal: request for proposals, contracts, acts and reservations

If you haven’t done it yet, please read the previous episode.

Let’s continue our story.

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Documentation: ITALIA.IT watch

ITALIA.IT watch ( is a no-frills geocities page that contains a little on-line observatory about the genesis with the resources in cronological order, collected by an anonymous author.

UPDATE(02/27/07): the page, which was found tonight (02/26/07) at 3am has been removed :-/
UPDATE (02/28/07): the page is back
I could retrieve the resources and some significant links (this is the magic of falling asleep leaving the pc on with 43 firefox windows open) that you may find here below.

I still haven’t verified if all links work, but that’s it.


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