New opportunities, Old reactions

Well, almost another year has passed by, and nothing seems to change…

The Public Administration just keeps on pumping out useless and illegal waste of public monies to slide in “under the deadline”.

Damn the citizens, full speed ahead“. This time in the Lombardy Region.

fuzzy logo in the new Lombardy Region portal

(is that logo growing “fuzz” or do I need new glasses?)

Where to start?Well, hows about the “legge Stanca” which is about to celebrate its 5th birthday soon, the “revolutionary” Italian law (hailed as such at its passing, or rather being passed into law, now it just seems only to have passed onto greener pastures), being amply and completely ignored by one of the Northern League’s strongholds, Regione Lombardia. Text and background colors which make the contents difficult to read (the JuicyStudio’s terrific Colour Contrast Analyser never saw the likes of this site before its official publication for sure). Not one single link to skip the menus repeated on every page. Lots of validation errors typical of CMS (unless you are launching a brand spanking new site in the post-Stanca age, in which case hundreds of other PA Institutions managed to solve the problems before publishing).

Or the complete lack of any mention in the entire site of the word Accessibility?
“Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”, but seeing as he has his own reindeer driven wheel-less chair, we don’t have to make the site accessible to him or hundreds of thousands of Lombardi with disabilities (stima 337000 al 20041) or any of the other disabled persons that may have thought to pass through the site of one of Italy’s largest and most populous regions.

Oh, and did I mention that they have cut out any English pages, both from the new site, and the old site (which didn’t have much before, but which now has nothing unless you “habla italiano”).

And don’t forget to turn on JavaScript if you want to navigate the “Policies and Departments”, or if you want to try and search using the internal engine. Otherwise it will seem to do something, but not really do it. How truly governmental and bureaucratic in spirit. Hurrah!

Who do we thank? Looking through the widerweb it seems like the bureaucratically entrenched and Lombardy Region controlled “Let’s keep the money In the family SPALispa, Saatchi&Saatchi, Plurimedia (sorry, cached2 as they seemed to have pulled the page incriminating them in this conspiracy), and who knows how many others managed to ignore the Legge Stanca and so should have their contracts rendered null and not receive a penny.

1 ISTAT, sito “disabilità in cifre”

2 Here’s the missing Plurimedia page, in case they deny having played their role of providing illegal materials to feed the CMS:

a missing plurimedia project page

(oh yeah… Plurimedia’s page about the Lombardy Region seems uncanningly similar to the wikipedia description of the Geography of the Lombardy Region, but they don’t seem to cite the source. So either Wikipedia copied it (in violation of Wikipedia rules on original materials without sources cited) or Plurimedia copied it (in violation of the international copyright laws, considering the copyright concessions which Wikipedia uses requiring citation of Wikipedia as the source). But now that I think about it, what’s another law, more or less, to be flagrantly ignored.


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