The (unforeseen) impact of Scandalo Italiano

Seems hard to believe, but if there had never been a Scandalo Italiano, there never would have been an

Convincing proof: from the time Scandalo Italiano has stopped charging ahead with observations, suggestions, corrections and comments, the site hasn’t gone ahead. Not an inch, or even a millimeter. The translations of the still-in-Italian interface pieces has remained faithfully in Italian.

The news, in nearly a month, has not been updated AT ALL!

The latest news item (at least in the English, Italian and German sections) goes back to April 5. In the Chinese section, it would appear (the dates show in arabic numerals, even if the rest of the text is mostly in Chinese which I don’t understand at all) to have stopped a few days earlier on April 2.

All I can say is: that is one heck of a long Easter vacation, even for a country which takes off an entire month of the Summer to eat gelato and sit under overpriced and ever increasingly expensive beach umbrellas in Coney-island style overcrowded beaches outside Rome whilst no work whatsoever is accomplished (except by the gelato-sellers and beach-umbrella-fee-collectors, of course).

Is it possible they have run out of money already? All the politicians kept saying that there were still tens of millions of euros left available.

At this point, if they don’t actually intend to kept correcting the omnipresent errors and difficulties for the (potential) visitors, maybe the naysayers that called for the closure of the site were the ones in the right.


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