The Government Speaks (funnynglish)

The Government Has Sent Down Word Of Its Answer

Yeah, well kinda.

It is curious, the choice of one particular English word they use…

… il Ministro Nicolais e il Vice Presidente Rutelli hanno deciso di procedere nel progetto, incentrato su una reale collaborazione con le Regioni e su un’ attività di promozione del sistema turistico italiano, che vedrà successivamente ampliate le aree dell’incoming e dell’informazione diretta.

Now is it just me, or does the word “IIINCOOOOMING!” in this case ring of war movies, where our heroes are being bombarded by shells left and right, and after a brief respite which is supposed to induce thoughts of the end of this attack and the resumption of the daily drag of military life in war, we hear the whistle of another, one last shell, which in Hollywood always mean that the nicest and most honest of the remaining soldiers is about to buy the big weekend pass in the sky…

I personally wonder what they are trying to say here.

Oh, and how long does it take the “Ministro per le Riforme e le Innovazioni nella Pubblica Amministrazione” to get off their “Sito temporaneo” and stand on their own two feet, and move onto something that they can rightfully claim their own, and for which they are willing to take responsibility? Mah?


at least this time it hasn’t taken as long for others to notice:
Quando la montagna partorisce un topolino (in Italian) – Michele Cassone, il Governo rispond (in Italian) – Punto Informatico


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