Austria takes possession of the Adriatic Sea

News Flash Venice!

The Austrians have taken over possession of the Adriatic, in a daring and unexpected political move.

Read the details:

As is clear from these new political maps from the Italian Government’s official tourism site,
austria von bath 01Austria von bath 02
The Austrian border has been moved from its traditional position along the northeast border between the land masses of Austria and Italy, to someplace just outside the Serenissima Republic.

But wait, that’s not ALL!

Italy first to accomplish geological transformation through artificial means IN ONE NIGHT.

As can be seen in comparing this map, also recently published, a month ago, on the same Italian Government Site:
Austria von bath 02
During the early hours of Saturday morning, a small and possibly previously unnoticed geological piece of the Italian Peninsula was moved roughly 30km to the East, where previously there was only 900sq.m. of sea. It is thus clear that Italy has become the first nation to successfully accomplish natural geological transformation previously requiring several milleniums of time in the course of ONLY ONE NIGHT (And who will ever believe them again when they try to convince you that Rome wasn’t built in a day: the way these Italians seem to do things, they probably had Rome built by mezzogiorno and were in osteria to toast and feast to the new city for the rest of the afternoon). We of Italian Scandal are trying to verify several unfounded rumours that an unspecified portion of the remaining €30+Mil. was used to accomplish this previously never before attempted geological feat.

It is still uncertain if the occupation of the 900 sq.m. of sea was a political countermove on the part of Rome to contest the Austrians’ border hijinx, or if it had been organized separately in secret agreement between politcal factions of the two countries.

In any case, it seems that the only ones to really benefit are the Croatians, who seem to have found a whole new peninsula (since I noticed it first, I think I will call it “Istria”) that just sprouted up out of the sea.
Good for them!


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