No news is good news

And its corollary (?):

Any news is bad news, at least when its our faithful Italy.It editorial staff making the news:

This just in:

New air links between Italy and Spain, and Italy and Sweden


Ryanair has just launched new routes flying from Rimini and Forlì to Stockholm and Girona, near Barcelona. The route linking Forlì to Girona is already operational, with 4 flights a week, while from 7th June flights will fly twice weekly between Rimini to Stoccolma.

Now technically it is not completely wrong, but it sure could have been written a lot more clearly, as my freshman year English teacher would have said – insufficient – rewrite it for tomorrow.

Let’s try and understand it as it’s written:
“…new routes flying from Rimini and Forlì to Stockholm and Girona, near Barcelona.”
Since when is Stockholm near Barcelona?
…Okay, that one I understood the second reading around, but why do I need to read it twice to understand? This tourism thingy is supposed to be fun and let me relax, if I wanted to have to work at it, I’d have stayed at work instead of taking a holiday.
And was it too tiring to translate “Stoccolma” twice?

And the doubts:
Do we need to repeat Italy twice in the title? Isn’t this the Italian National Tourism Portal, dedicated exclusively to the satisfaction of the potential visitor that wants to come to see Italy?
And are there 4 roundtrip flights to Girona, or two going and two coming back?
And why don’t I have a link to the flights rservations page? (oh that’s right, they probably haven’t gotten around to programing it yet…).
In the spirit of helpful collaboration, lets try again:

New air links with Spain and Sweden


Ryanair has just announced two new air routes, making your arrival to Italy even easier. There are four weekly flights connecting Forlì to Girona (near Barcelona), and starting June 7th, Rimini will be closer to Stockholm twice weekly.

Now that wasn’t so hard, now was it?

Oh, and P.S. to the staff, the news about events ending on March 18th aren’t very helpful anymore, as that was “LALTROIERI”.


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