Ci dispiace (We’re sorry)

Curious error that they teach you about in “Web Design 101”, usually round-about “Lesson 3: using templates to simplify your work”.

“grumpy teacher in the front of the room says gravely”:
When you copy a page to use it as a  template, make sure you change all pertinent information about the new page; be certain you don’t leave a title like “new page” or “insert page title here” in the published page.

Too bad it doesn’t seem like the staff of got past lesson 2 in the three years they had to prepare things for us…

They have a beautiful custom 404 Page Not Found  error page, for which someone obviously poured over hours and hours (weeks, months maybe?) of film footage in the Museo del Cinema just to get the perfect still of some hot ’60s chick holding traffic signs in front of a “vigile” (Alberto Sordi maybe?) to post up in the top right corner.

And the title of this page, you are asking, is it a stupid error like “new page”? Nope, even dumber, it’s “Eventi”.
I can also understand that maybe they don’t consider it necessary to have multiple language error pages (but in this Age of Internet, wouldn’t having a little English seem logical to you?) , but they keep changing between “Error” and “Errore” on the same page. The breadcrumbs have “Sei in > Home > Error page“: Why?

And the link out in the descriptive helpful suggestive text, the word “Homepage”, one of the few English words I would recognize easily, were I to find myself mysteriously here after viewing some regional enogastronomical delizies,  takes me back to the Italian Homepage, of course.

The logo in the top left, you say, will at least go to the site root where you pick the language, like in any other site, correct?
WRONG!  It is a link, and the alternate text of the logo says “Torna alla home page di”, but instead of using a “/” or “” link, there is a “#” so it just refreshes the 404 error.


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