5 W’s

Who What When Where Why

the 5 W’s of journalism, as they are taught to every 4th grade elementary school student before the field trip to the Newpaper offices to meet with a reporter and see tomorrow’s (advertisement section of the) newspaper printed before spending the last hour learning to make those funky upside down boat-hats that the printers don’t need anymore because all the presses are electronic and super-clean and run by technicians with EE degrees and not printers with permanently inkstained fingernails.

But do our beloved italia.it staffers have any clue about this? NO!

Let’s sample some recent inkstains slopped onto newsrag (or the electronic equivalent)…

Fine settimana di Jazz a Bergamo


3 giorni di jazz a Bergamo per l’edizione 2007 del “Bergamo Jazz”. In scena al teatro Donizetti artisti di calibro internazionale come Branford Marsalis, con un quartetto composto da sax, pianoforte, contrabbasso e batteria, e Paolo Fresu. Il trombettista italiano è accompagnato da Antonello Salis e Furio Di Castri, formando così il P.A.F. Trio: un supergruppo che mette insieme dei big di livello europeo. Nel corso della rassegna anche appuntamenti con giovani musicisti che si esibiranno nelle piazze della città per coprire idealmente l’intera Bergamo di eleganti note jazz.

Well, Who and What is amply covered, and Why is easily enough conceded (great Jazz), but let’s imagine I might desire to see one of these musicians, the teatro Donizetti in Bergamo seems a little vague to answer Where in a national tourism website: couldn’t they have provided a link to the Bergamo Jazz website, or a phone number, or the number of the Bergamo Tourist office, or a link to the page of the teatro Donizetti in their own portal? And When: the only date I see is Feb 26th, and it talks about a 3day weekend, the next one coming up as far as I know is Easter, which in Italy is a “fine settimana” with three days.
(by the way, St. Google de Net confirms that it is THIS weekend, starting today, but looking at the Teatro Donzetti’s reservation system, which seems to work and probably didn’t cost €45m., there probably aren’t many tickets left)

And let’s compare two versions of another “News” :

La card di Villa Borghese (Roma) compie un mese


Attiva dallo scorso 6 febbraio, la VILLA BORGHESE CARD permette di usufruire di sconti e agevolazioni all’interno di Villa Borghese. In particolare, acquistando la card con soli 10 euro si ha diritto ad un ingresso omaggio per uno dei tanti siti di Villa Borghese. Non solo. Per un intero anno si avrà diritto a sconti per l’ingresso alla Galleria, o uno dei Musei; le riduzione riguardano anche gli acquisti effettuati nei bookshop e nei caffè. La Card vale un anno solare dalla data di attivazione ed è rinnovabile.

The Villa Borghese card (Rome) is one month old


Launched on the 6th of February, the VILLA BORGHESE CARD gives holders the right to discounts and special offers within Villa Borghese. For just 10 euros, the card offers free entry to one of the many Villa Borghese sites. But that’s not all. The card gives the right to discounts for entry to the Gallery, or one of the Museums for a whole year. There are also reductions on purchases from the bookshops or the cafes. The Card is valid for one year from the start date and can be renewed.

Well since when is something like this news, that it has lasted one month? But one month would have been March 6th (Tuesday?) and here we are on the 9th, but the articles were written the 20th and 26th of February, respectively two weeks and twenty days after the launch, and well before the advertised “birthday (?)” but not released online until today?


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