Breaking news: parliamentary inquiry into the accessibility of

Today witnessed had the usual appointment on Raidue (around h.16.00) with Question Time in the Italian house of parliament [n.b. they use the English term “Question Time”, even in Italian], during which government officials answer parliamentary questions.

The honorable(s) Palmieri and Campa of Forza Italia (Go Italy!), coauthors of the Legge Stanca (L.9/04) accessibility law, asked “fretfully” if it were true, as can be read on blogs and in newspapers, that the tourism portal doesn’t comply with the previously mentioned law, thus resulting as being “inaccessibile“, particularly in consideration of access by disabled persons.

For the government, the Minister for Relations with the Parliament  Vannino Chiti (DS – Democrats of the Left) answered.

Chiti confirmed:

1) the portal is in no way free from the obligations of the Stanca Law;

2) the Department for Innovation and Technology has confirmed hat the portal has been developed according to the latest indications of the international protocols called the W3C, in order to reach the most advanced levels that current technology will permit;

3) right now the portal is in a phase of optimization;

4) the only Italian regions that have thusfar contributed to the portal are Tuscany, Umbria, Lombardy, Campania, Abruzzo and Piedmont

Campa and Palmieri expressed satisfaction with the answer.

(partial translation of the Italian original)


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