The winds of change?

Perhaps it is due to the pressure applied to the Italian politicians, or someone of the editorial staff is reading our posts, but it seems that they are working hard to improve the sight of site for English speakers. Thank goodness.

There is still work to be done, for sure, but the first subtle signs are there.

In some of the situations found thusfar, Enogastronom**** has become something recognizably English-like: Flavours in one spot Taste Itineraries in another (I’ll willingly pass over the fact that editorial consistency is still a bit lacking, as both instances are at least comprehensible).

Still no corrections in the general menu labels, but I immagine there could quite well be technical obstacles to updating that part that call for extra work (maybe to change the CMS they need to call in specialized CMS technicians from Websphere Headquarters, wherever that may end up being for this project, and that probably hadn’t been considered in the €45mil. original budget – better ask for cost overrun at this point).

As I said, more work lies ahead: I just went Change language English > Accessibility > Accessibile projects [sic] and noticed that the menu on the left is already in Italian… and the links lead back to Italian language pages. Oh well, one step at a time.

Oh well, nice start… good thing it only cost €7mil to get this far along, with the English site leading back into the Italian one… maybe they should have paid €8 to get the job done right?


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