a PICO supplements it ………… for €35m.

Today we’ll talk about PICO, the Lisbon strategy, and how all of this led us to discover, through a curious and unexpacted path, new mysteries 😉 about the our webmonster and/or portal

The premise is brief:

Lisbon Strategy: meeting in March 2000 in Lisbon, the heads of state and of the governments of the European Union decided to make Europe “the most competative and dynamic conscience based economy of the world” by 2010.
Then the Chinese and Indians found out and good night to the whole deal 🙂
Since then, the different measures implemented to meet these goals have taken an the moniker the “Lisbon Strategy”.

PICO (as in Pico della Mirandola): acronym for “Piano per l’Innovazione, la Crescita e l’Occupazione” (Plan for Innovation, Growth and Employment), is the program of measures and actions that the Italian State intends to adopt in order to improve the economic and social conditions and to encourage growth and employment.

Interesting, isn’t it? WOW!

(partial translation of the Italian original)


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