“Il trionfo degli inetti.”[1] La Stampa interviews Falavolti, CEO of Innovazione Italia: we only spent a million

The triumph of the inept

[1] i|nèt|to [plural: inetti]
aggettivo [adjective]
1. (inadatto) unfit, unsuited
2. (incompetente) incompetent, incapable
3. (buono a nulla) inept, good-for-nothing

II. sostantivo maschile [noun]( f. -a )
incompetent, good-for-nothing.

On La Stampa.it today fresh news: Anna Masera interviews Roberto Falavolti, amministratore delegato (CEO) of Innovazione Italia Spa (Gruppo Sviluppo Italia), the state company commissioned to manage the €20mil. to develop and implement the technology platform for italia.it.

The interview focused on the sole subject of money, and the answers seem unbelievable.

Summarizing, Falavolti says basically that:

Of the €25mil. destined for regional and national content creation: not on eurocent has been spent yet.

Of the €20mil. for the technology platform, editorial material, translations, etc.:

– €9,6mil. to IBM/ITS/Tiscover for the development of the technology platform: they’ve done their work, but still haven’t received a cent because there has been a dispute. Or to hear him: “Because during the project’s development a dispute arose, last year, at the same time as the change in government / minister. We weren’t satisfied, the transition came about but we had to completely revise the work plan”.

– €9mil. are left to spend.

– “roughly” €1mil. (how easy to be rough with other people’s money!) was spent so far on the bidding, the feasability study (author’s note: rotfl) and the work done so far.

– €400.000 are unaccounted for: who nows, maybe those are the “roughly”.

(omissis – partial translation of the Italian)

Luca Carlucci


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