Has italia.it declared war on Croatia?

Francesco notes two elements of new high quailty content for us on the €45m. Italian National Tourism Portal.

The first regards the map with the big red pixels that greets us at the entrance to the site [now that the sparkling green News pixels have disappeared]. It seems that towards the top right of the map, there is an extra pixel that doesn’t belong, in a geographic area that is anything but innocent.

mappa di italia.it

Oops, better check it out.

Map of Italy:

mappa italia

Overlay together:

sovrapposizione delle due mappe

Ahh, sure. That pixel indicated by the arrow was intended to Eh già. It seems positioned just to allow us to relive the rich days of D’Annunzio and reclaim a piece of Istria, and without even trying, the choice falls on Rijeka!

At this point we strongly suggest to the editorial staff of italia.it, who we know are amongst our dear readers, to fix this before any Croatian friends fly off the handle.

We will let Francesco also tell us of a second jewel, of a very Dadaist nature:

Click on “Plan your trip” and after the load of the animation has completed, click on either of the two airports, Milan or Rome, both work the same.
A window will open which lists the single airlines which connect Italy to the rest of the world. Scrolling through the results you notice, together with famous companies like Continental and Delta, even the mythical (in a literal sense, too) Aircanafrom. [Translator’s note: These screenshots are from the Italian article, but lo and behold, the English site for this example is similar – no wait – it’s IDENTICAL! Down to the last “avanti” and “dietro” buttons. Italia.it didn’t bother to translate this piece of the site for people arriving from outside Italy – maybe they only expect arrivals from Italian emigrants?]

First thought is “Never heard of that one”. But in this day of airline bankruptcy, mergers and regrouping, the airlines change names relatively frequently.

Let’s try the link provided: www.aircanafrom.com Error: Page not found.
Let’s try Google: yep, it’s there, but it’s too the same useless page.

And then it dawns on us! Someone, a true linguistic genius, translated poor Canada from Italian into English and Canada became Canafrom!

James adds:

on the first page, listing a series of possible cites for departure and relative flight times, in both the Italian and English “from” is used in place of “da”, as in “from Tokio” – oops “from” in English and “Tokio” in Italian, sounds like someone has identity problems…

Also note that NONE of the cities is listed by name, not with a simple “mouseover”, and not even in the pop-up informational box that lists the various companies servicing that city. For those who have know Italian geography well and have excellent abstract visual capacity, that might have even been okay, but some of the cities even MOVE between one view and another. Getting to Milan by plane (to Linate, not even considering Malpensa) takes you one square to the left of where you arrive by train. The only hope of finding the name of one of the little red pixels is to wait until one of the little animated arrow/trips travels to or from the red pixel you are curious about.


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