AARGGH! They upgraded the flash!

Well, I can’t see the What’s up map any more, they upgraded the Flash and so I need to upgrade my Flash too, I guess, or try a different browser that may already be upgraded enough.

wrong flash
I’m so curious what they improved…

Update: March 1, h.10:45

Old browser (I didn’t upgrade from 8 to 9), the Flash got downgraded to an older version (I checked, my player is v. 8 ) .

Guess it is a good sign that they are working seriously on the problems now. Definitely better late than never.
To the staff: Good luck, you have your work cut out for you… (I’m being sincere, by the way, not sarcastic).

Update: March 1, h. 00:15


Different browser (IE7 + Flash 9): I can’t really see much difference from before.

Italy still seems to have firm control of Istria, and most of the other problems already noted (Agrigento located where Trapani really is, etc.) don’t seem to have been touched.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I click on Today, or Next Week, or Next month, the events don’t seem to change, and the Chinese Silk exhibition still starts in October… and still shows up under a “Today” event. Doesn’t look like they did anything except try to force me to download a new version of Flash.

Do you think they’re getting kickbacks from Adobe???


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  1. paolo on

    It is possible to inject every possible HTML just prefixing one double quotation mark (“) into the search text field of Italia.it
    See what can we xss inject into the new 40 million euro portal italia.it ? – better help in redoing it – ritaliacamp
    and click on the first link, if you like.
    I guess 40 millions Euros were not enough for a minimum debugging?!?

    Anyway there is a special BarCamp: the rItaliaCamp, a BarCamp whose goal is to put our passion, curiosity and enthusiam in creating a better Italia.it which all Italians can be proud of. Join the rItaliaCamp! March 31, 2007

  2. Old Jacques on

    That weakness has been widely demonstrated over the past few days with a wide variety of alternative “exploits” (see the web&press page for links to sites with some more jewels), and though quite entertaining, hasn’t really led yet to any demonstration of actual security flaws.

    I agree that the debugging could/should have been much more detailed, but it seems like the first modifications are being done. I have noticed some titles/areas in the English section that originally were in Italian, and have since been changed to English. A sign that someone is listening, even if there is no feedback form on their site that I was able to find…

    No suggestion box? That in itself seems a bit unusual for a major public tourism site in 2007.

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