The day, the News has died (music maestro – San Remo is underway)

What’s up in Italy? … or Cosa accade in Italia? … or What’s up in Italy? (that’s German, for those of you Trentini-Altoadigini and Sfizzeri that can’t recognize REAL Deutsch – word of honor cross my heart and hope that dies) .. and special effort just for our Chinese readers: What’s up in Italy (unless CHI is actually supposed to be for CHIcago, in which case maybe it would be better to say “?Que pasa en Italia?” or something like that – and sorry, but I can’t get on of those silly upsidedown question marks at the beginning)?

The simil-homepage with the repetitive same 12 [not so really Italian] news pieces has run out of new News. As the famous Don Maclean [almost sorta’] wrote for Madonna: “today is the day that the News has died”.

Nothing is happening. Niente. Nada [even if Spanish doesn’t count in the Italian National Tourism Portal, it still IS the third most spoken language on this planet]. Italy is officially VERY BORING, so stay home and watch reruns of Al Gore thanking a bunch of Hollywood stars at a movie award ceremony for giving him scientific credibility. (Who dubs Al Gore into Italian? shouldn’t it be the same guy that does Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone?)
Maybe those who foresaw the abandonment of the portal as soon as the launch was over were right? BIT has closed, so no one is manning the terminals any longer… See ya’ next year? (bring another check for €45m, please)

UPDATE: February 28, 2007 h.14:00
the news is back, but it’s still the same as before…
including Gran Prix Auto in September and Chinese Silk in October…


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