Monica Bellucci: testimoniale italiana

Monica Bellucci is beautiful, tough to argue against that.

But as a testimonial for 100% Italian Style (a sort of user activated TV pop-up widget embedded in the homepage’s oversized Flash banner, I’m sure worth at least a third of the total development budget for it’s sophistication…and for managing to fit all of Monica’s beauty into such a small screen) it leaves me with a couple of doubts.

Didn’t Monica Bellucci choose to LEAVE Italy to go live in France?

And why doesn’t she speak in English in the English Homepage – wouldn’t they pay her enough to film it two times? Or at least dub the English (Italians are so good at dubbing anyway)? It’s only what, maybe half a minute long (and with the stock footage, she is only in maybe half)? A minute cost too much? No subtitles either (but accessibility is only a law in Italy, not really like any sort of real obligation). I read, too, in her WikiPage (usually to be taken with a grain of salt, granted) that

“She speaks Italian, Persian, French, and English fluently and has acted in each of these languages, as well as Aramaic.”

Which sounds pretty reasonable, and I saw “Passion of Christ” and it sounded like her voice (but there they at least provided subtitles). So why is she talking at me in Italian dammit!?!


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