Idiosyncraticalities of the Itanglish languistics

Seeing as the staff of was given free license in the use of standard English grammar and spelling, I’m taking advantage of this post to document many of the “off-ful” uses of the noble English language. Meaning awfully off, like milk left out of the fridge for too long on one of those warm sunny summer days depicted in the flash previews with the helpful title “immagini descrittive dell’Italia” (descriptive images of Italy for our non-Italian audience, the people that would normally be visiting the English side of

I’ll start off this with the name of a section of the site:

Enogastronomic itineraries, Enogastronomics, Regional Enogastronomy

Can someone please find “enogastronomy” or any of its derivative forms in an English dictionaryfor me please?
In Google, I went through at least 300 results, and the only thing I found outside of Italy with any enogastronomic reference was in Zagreb, probably some site designed by a Milanese designer on vacation…

What to do
Art and culture
Baroque churces

How do you Baroque (at least they put a capital B)?
And why are Baroque churches considered Art and culture instead of Religion and spirituality?
But wait, no! If I click, I do enter the section Religion and spirituality, even if it says I’m under Art and culture on the previous list.

How time-warped can you get?

And just out of curiosity, Art and culture doesn’t have any Churches section, Baroque or otherwise, and no religious section either.
Maybe just as well.

Consistency: or lack thereof?

How many ways can you join two related words?

Art and culture
Art & Culture
Art – Culture

Can’t they decide if they like & and or – from one page to the next? geez.

Update: 2007-02-27

found another way (even if just a capitalization variant) – on the Accessibile [sic] tourism page:

  • art and culture;
  • sport and free time;
  • food and wine industry;
  • nature and free time;

but the real thrill was in NOT finding enogastronomy! Maybe someone in the staff that knows how to use a spell check and dictionary.


2 comments so far

  1. alessandroid on

    Baroque churces should be Baroque churcHes

  2. Old Jacques on

    Very observant observation for you to observe that. (the original “Churces” wasn’t a posting error [at least not here] and can be found on the website, What to do page, on the right hand column under “Bella Italia”)
    You’re doing better than the entire “quality control” staff of the portal…

    And to think that spell check was inventend decades ago…

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