Documentation: ITALIA.IT watch

ITALIA.IT watch ( is a no-frills geocities page that contains a little on-line observatory about the genesis with the resources in cronological order, collected by an anonymous author.

UPDATE(02/27/07): the page, which was found tonight (02/26/07) at 3am has been removed :-/
UPDATE (02/28/07): the page is back
I could retrieve the resources and some significant links (this is the magic of falling asleep leaving the pc on with 43 firefox windows open) that you may find here below.

I still haven’t verified if all links work, but that’s it.


N.B. (warning)  many of the links lead to Italian language originals…

Article on Turismo:

“IT, the new italian brand: We will take back the place we deserve”

Minister Francesco Rutelli: “Now we will have many interesting chances on the web as well: among other commitments, the Cabinet will show tomorrow, in Milan, the new Portal, which is the result of the great collaboration of the Council of Ministers with Minister Nicolais and all Italian regions – good thing that they work together”



Article on

“Call for Italian Regions to give a relevant contribution to”

Margherita Bozzano, Liguria Tourism Director and Portale representative among the Tourism Heads:

“If we have had some delays it’s important to explain that they do not depend on regions work because it was the temporary consortium duty to develop the structure, realise the tree and detect the portal’s excellences.



Article on PrimaDaNoi Turismo:

“Paolini: Betting on quality, that’s the way back”

Enrico Paolini, national coordinator of regional tourism directors:

“ Portal has to be presented and become operative only when we’ll get the best product as possible”

|“>”> Copia cache


Vincenzo Caccioppoli’s article – Affari italiani

“Dear Rutelli, what about tourism?”

Source:…”>”>… | Copia”>”>Copia cache


Article on TTG:

“ stuck at the gate”

Source:…”>″>… |


Article on Travel Trade Italia:

“ the aim is to present the Portal within a month”

Margherita Bozzano: “The organization of the work around Portal has definitely increased again and we have the aim to present within the end of February 2007”

Source:”>″>Source:… | Copia cache


Rai 3, Report – “Bad advice” by Giovanna Boursier

Tonight we will talk about Sviluppo Italia.


2006.07.25 web domain is registered by Stefano Grazziano

Source:”>”>Source: | Copia cache

2006.04.02 archives for the first time web site


2006.04.01 detects for the first time web site

Last reboot unknown
Netblock owner Network of IBM E-business Hosting Delivery
IP address
Site rank 127286
Country EU
Date first seen April 2006
DNS admin
Domain Registry
Reverse DNS unknown
Organisation Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Italy
Nameserver Org. Consorzio per le Applicazione si Supercalcolo Per l’Universita’ e, Italy

| Copia cache

2006.03.15 publishes the article “Online Tourism, 45 million euro for a web site that doesn’t exist”

Source:”>”>Source:… | Copia cache


Pamphlet “Digital innovation for families”

At the end of January 2006 Innovation Minister Lucio Stanca sends a pamphlet to 16 million families (along with a letter signed by Silvio Berlusconi): 50 pages to announce new services and technological means that will be available for the citizens. At page 36 we can find some information about the Tourism National Portal that “uses an interactive software to organise and plan travels”.

PDF created on 2006.01.19 and modified on 2006.01.24.

Source:”>”>Source:… | Copia cache: Screenshot


Pamphlet “SI Innovazione Italia – Sviluppo Italia”

Tourism: Planning and realisation of, national portal that implements advanced digital technologies to increase the value of the national tourism offer and the cultural, enviromental and culinary patrimony of Italy.

Source:”>”>Source: | Copia cache


Pamphlet: “Council of Ministers initiatives to sustain digital innovation”

Tourism Portal:, showcase of cultural, environmental, touristic and gastronomic Italian treasures, with the opportunity to make reservations from all over the world.

Source:”>”> | Copia cache

2004.06.03 domain is registered by Salvatore Tucci, Antonio De Venere and Francesco Proietti

Source: | Copia cache

With a global assessment of 45 million euro, Information Society Ministers Commitee, gathered on the 16th of March 2004, gives the go-ahead to the planning and realisation of a Portal named

Source: | Copia cache

2003.03.19 archives for the first time the site

Source:”>”>Source: | Copia cache


Konrad Plankensteiner and Kurt Pothen (TIScover, Travel Information Systems) register domain. TIScover will win, in July 2005, the 8 million euro competitive bidding for the realisation of, together with IBM and ITS.

Source: | Copia cache: Tiscover”>”>Tiscover su Wikipeda (in Tedesco)


The domain is registered

Source: | Copia cache


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