Sviluppo Italia and Innovazione Italia: 45 million why’s?

We received this testimonial from a person directly involved in the project that asks to remain anonymous.
We decided to publish it because we find it meaningful and reliable. And what is sadder, decidedly palausible.

I’ve been (un)lucky to have the chance to follow the latest phases of the development of

Obviously every graphic and web designer of the blog-world came out of the cracks with the launch of the portal. A lot of criticism has come out about accessibility and bugs, and this site also seems to be oriented in the same direction.
But I think that such a technical approach isn’t enough.
The point is that we don’t need to start by considering the €45 million invested in the web development and that they’ve been working for two years.
From what I can understand the site that is online now has been created in a hurry in a few months. The preliminary design began last summer and most of the site has been developed between December and February.
The most criticized features, such as the double-introduction or many multimedia contents were decided a couple of weeks before the launch of the site. I’m have reason to believe that not more than 10 people have been involved and have worked 24 hours a day to get something presentable to put on line.
I suppose that word came from higher up hurry things up (probably in order to present it at BIT [Italy’s largest tourism fair, NdT]) that has forced a series of people and organizations to work badly and without any coordination.
The fact that none of the bugs which most of the whole world noticed immediately has been fixed makes it pretty clear that it has been just a way to save face, saying “lets get something out so we can get the tourist industry operators off our backs”
And now that the press conference has been done, I wouldn’t be surprised if the site is left abandoned to itself.
I’m writing this email because I’d like you to focus on the 45 millions of euros spent (if I’m not wrong 7 million of which for the piattaforma) and not only on table-layout or wrong character coding. It’s clear that only a small part of this amount has been invested on something real and it’s clear that 100,000 spent for that horrible logo are not in the pockets of the two graphic designers and the art director that worked on it.
It’s not about mafia or power plays, the project is public, there are names, surnames and amounts. Innovazione Italia is the public company who made this outrage and is managed by Sviluppo Italia, sadly known for similar wastes.
This company is the origin of all this, and it is necessary to start from there, from the “About us” section of the site to understand what has been done with our money. is not only a technical problem but also a political affair, it is an shameful heritage left from the previous Governments that the current government didn’t want to face.
I hope that this blog could be the start for an investigation and not just a collection of bugs that can already be seen by everyone.
I’m sorry for the anonymity but I can’t put my job at risk.

For more information on Sviluppo Italia:,7246,243%255E1068730,00.html

(Partial translation from the Italian)


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